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Darmst├Ądter Kinderkliniken (Darmstadt paediatric clinics)

Darmst├Ądter Kinderkliniken Prinzessin Margaret

The Darmstadt paediatric clinics are located in close proximity to Alice Hospital. Their intensive care unit enables us to care for sick newborn babies 24 hours a day. In the event of a Caesarean section, unexpected complications, multiple births or premature births from 32 weeks of gestation, a paediatrician may need to be called in promptly. This close relationship between paediatric clinics and obstetrics provides optimum safety to parents-to-be and their babies. If the newborn child needs to be transferred to one of the paediatric clinics, the mother may stay with the child.

The paediatric clinics also operate a special intensive care unit for premature babies at the Darmstadt Clinic. Premature babies born before 32 weeks gestation are cared for exclusively at this clinic.

The second medical check-up generally takes place when the baby is between three and ten days old. If you are planning an outpatient delivery or home birth, you should find a paediatrician who is prepared to perform this check-up at your home. Otherwise, this second check-up is generally performed at Alice Hospital by a local paediatrician from Darmstadt when the baby is four days old. During this check-up, the paediatrician checks the baby's reflexes, listens to his heart and lungs and examines various organ systems.

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