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Postnatal period

The postnatal period begins after delivery of the placenta and lasts for six to eight weeks.
The most important recovery and tissue repair processes take place during this time. For the mother, this is the time when the uterus returns to normal and any childbirth-related injuries heal; for the newborn child, this is when the umbilical cord heals.
An important part of the early postnatal period is when the mother’s milk comes in. During this time, mothers keep their babies close to them to encourage full milk production and to allow mother and child to rapidly bond with and come to love each other.

An “outpatient delivery” is possible after a complication-free birth once the wellbeing of both mother and baby has been established, which means that a mother and child may be sent home from the delivery room after about two to three hours.

If you would rather not leave right away, your length of stay in the hospital after a natural birth would be two to three days, and after a Caesarean section, up to five days.
After you are discharged from the clinic, a midwife will provide aftercare in your home for the next eight weeks. Your health insurance will cover these costs.
Your midwife will provide you with more information about the postnatal period during your antenatal classes.

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