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Caesarean section

Sometimes, instead of a natural birth, it may be necessary to perform a Caesarean section to prevent danger to the mother and/or baby. It may be planned (high-risk pregnancy, first-time mothers with breech presentation, multiple births in difficult positions, etc.) or carried out as an emergency procedure during the birth. Therefore, in special cases, you are advised to contact your obstetrician approximately four weeks before your due date in order to discuss the most important details and to schedule an appointment for the Caesarean section.

You can choose to have an epidural anaesthesia or a general anaesthesia. Here, too, everyone involved will work together to find the best solution for you. Your affiliated obstetrician will explain all the procedures and risks involved in detail, in an objective and sensitive way.

In the event of a Caesarean section, you will also be accompanied by our midwives, who will monitor you in the delivery room for the first two hours after the operation and will use the time as effectively as possible to help you bond with, and get to know, your baby, encouraging you to cuddle your little one and promoting skin-to-skin and eye contact and, if required, helping you to bring your baby to the breast for the first time.

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